Wedding Guests Respond Nonchalantly To Bear Gate-Crashing Reception

Between the bridezillas and the family feuds, weddings are often quite memorable events for reasons other than the happy couple. There’s no shortage of potential for drama on the big day, but sometimes what that involves can be a little more unconventional than we might expect. 

However, rarely is it as dangerous as the shenanigans at the wedding reception of Angie Disa’s cousin, where a wild bear decided to make a surprise appearance. Capturing the incident on video, the footage shows the animal running rampage around the outdoor dining tables while looking for food. Meanwhile, many of the guests look on, apparently unfazed and some still tucking in to their meal. 

Viewers were perplexed by the low key reaction to the gate-crasher, although Angie explained in further videos why guests had behaved in that way and how there came to be a bear in the first place. Of all the stories somebody might be able to tell about their wedding day, this has to be one of the more interesting ones.


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