Weird Girl Memes For The Strange And Unusual

Winona Ryder was my ultimate crush when I was a teenager, which might be the most Gen X dad thing about me. I was obsessed with the movie Heathers and was willing to look past her shoplifting past if it meant we could be together forever. One of her most famous movies is, of course, Beetlejuice, where she plays Lydia Deetz. Lydia is the suicidal and photography-obsessed teenage girl who moves into the haunted house where two dorky ghosts named Barbara and Adam Maitland live. When the Maitlands ask Lydia why she’s the only one who can see them, she delivers this iconic line.

«Well, I read through that handbook for the recently deceased. It says, ‘Live people ignore the strange and unusual.’ I myself am strange and unusual.»

So true, my goth queen. If you never related to Lydia Deetz when you were a 14-year-old with a blog, I don’t know if I can trust you. If you’re strange and unusual, these memes are for you. 

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