Wild Thrift Store Clothes Only A Boomer Could Love

If you’ve ever perused the t-shirt section at your local Goodwill Superstore, there is a good chance you’ve seen a boomer-core shirt. The Baby Boomer generation is very likely the first generation to express their angst via t-shirts. Think about it: anti-Vietnam War protesters? The Gay Liberation Front? Would these movements have been possible without Boomers wearing t-shirts that clearly articulated their opinions? I don’t think so. Since their youth, the boomer t-shirt industry has grown into a cultural phenomenon. There are your classic boomer tees; shirts that celebrate the joys of fishing or bemoan a nagging wife. The new-age boomer tees are a bit more specific; they say things like «I’M A RED BLOODED AMERICAN PLUMBER. FATHER OF 2 BOYS 3 GIRLS BUT WHOSE COUNTING. I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE PERFECT BUT I DID CLAIM MY RIDING LAWN MOWER AS A BUSINESS EXPENSE ON MY TAXES. GO BENGALS.» This list will show you the good, the bad, and the ugly of boomer-core tees. 

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