Wine Memes For Wine Moms

I stand in solidarity with the wine mom community. During the pandemic, I was close to becoming one myself. From January to April of 2021, I would go to my local corner store every Friday and buy a bottle of strawberry-flavored Barefoot wine. If that sounds like trashy college kid wine, you would be 100% correct. At the time, I thought buying screw-cap wine was so mature as opposed to one of those giant cans of peach-flavored Mikes Hard Lemonades. I usually wouldn’t consume the whole bottle in one sitting, but let’s just say that I downed a lot of strawberry wine while watching RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 13 that spring. 

One of my favorite things about wine is that it’s fruit flavored without the poor reputation. Whenever I order a Dirty Shirley, I’m trash, but when I order a Pinot Grigio, I’m class. If you’re a woman of the wine mom experience, curl up with a glass and enjoy these wine memes

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