Woman Pranks Man Who Lied To Her, Receives Cringey Backlash

Unfortunately, one thing that is a near-universal experience of being a woman is getting occasional unwanted attention from men. Sometimes, the best thing to do in these kinds of situations is to laugh it off, but this doesn’t always go to plan — as @becccamooore recently found out.

A couple of weeks ago, Becca shared to TikTok that she had received repeated, unwanted texts from a man she had met in a bar. She had mostly ignored him until he sent her a picture of a private jet and offered her a ride. Knowing that the photo had come from Google Images, she flippantly agreed, only for the man to reveal that he was «kidding» and he sent the picture to test her. 

Despite the fact that the initial exchange went viral because of her joke, Becca’s ordeal with guys taking her too seriously was far from over. She then revealed that a separate man had made a ten-minute long YouTube video criticizing how she handled the situation. The limited excerpts that she shows of his rant are excruciating, but they also gave no end of amusement to viewers. This just in: women with bleached blond hair aren’t worth anybody’s time. That’s why you obsessively mention their hair color every five seconds.


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