Woman Stuns Internet With Pregnancy Reveal in Sonography Class

I’m not a huge user of Facebook, and when I do go on it the algorithm goes into a frenzy trying to figure out how to capture my attention. Sometimes, I can’t scroll through the feed without being confronted with the obnoxious wackiness 5-Minute Crafts videos, then the next week it’ll all be cute animal stories. Long before Queen Elizabeth died, I’d get served up PR clickbait about all the quirky habits of the royal family. Then, there was the cryptic pregnancy phase: article after tabloid article about women who accidentally gave birth on the toilet, or didn’t know they were expecting until the thing inside them was basically a fully formed human. 

It’s hard to think of a bigger shock than being far along in a pregnancy that you didn’t know about, and it was this assumption that caused a commotion when @samantha2074 posted a video of a woman supposedly finding out about being pregnant for the first time in a practical sonography class. That’s definitely one way to liven up a lesson.



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