Woman’s Wild Story About Meeting Her Spouse Leaves People Open Mouthed

If there’s one thing that romcom culture has taught us, it’s that love moves in mysterious ways. Sometimes, the person who ends up being your soulmate is the exact opposite of who you might expect, and relationships can be formed out of the most unlikely of circumstances.

This prospect has been brought to the attention of Twitter recently, when singer Ari Lennox asked people on the site how they had met their partners. She was met with thousands of responses, but one in particular stood out: @creolepatra242 claimed she had met her husband after breaking into his house. According to her, after he found her breaking in instead of calling the police he decided to hang out, sparking the relationship. Other users were predictably gobsmacked, with many wondering if they too would have to take such drastic measures to meet the loves of their lives.

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