‘You’re Finally Awake’ Memes Depict A Utopia In Which 2020 Hasn’t Happened

Ever find yourself wondering if 2020 is just a nightmare and we’re going to wake up from the horror to a nice breakfast? Yeah, us too. Unfortunately, every day makes this year a little more real. But we’ve got a new meme format that plays into our fantasy. And it’s pretty freaking funny. The memes in question feature a character or animal «speaking» to the viewer as though they’d just woken up or regained consciousness after an accident. Most of them suggest that 2020, Donald Trump’s presidency, and coronavirus haven’t happened. Some of them utilize references to specific eras such as the emo years of the early 2000’s. They all depict a reality that we’d much rather be living in. We’ve put our favorites into this gallery but you can read more about the format (and enjoy more memes) over at Know Your Meme.

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