Youtuber’s Fondue-Gone-Wrong Inspires Twitter Hilarity

The Korean trend of Mukbang is pretty wild all on its own, but Tasty Hoon has officially taken the art to a hilarious new level. The popular food blogger decided to get creative with a chocolate fountain in a video he uploaded two days ago. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for us), the fountain just isn’t built for melted cheese. What Hoon had intended to be an ooey-gooey delight turned into a slapstick disaster when the cheese congealed and started whipping him in the face. 

While Tasty Hoon managed to stay calm throughout the cheesy debacle, the incident has been absolutely thrilling for people on Twitter. The video has inspired scads of amusing reactions, and even some hauntingly relatable memes relating to how we’ve all been betrayed by the horrors of 2020. Here’s hoping we can remain as unbothered by this hell and keep eating our metaphorical fried chicken like this absolute boss.

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