Zodiac Memes For The Cancer-Leo Cusp

It’s finally here, the moment all of us with Leo friends have been waiting for…it’s Leo Season! Well, kind of. Although Leo season has begun on paper, if you were born July 19th-July 25th, you are actually on the Cancer Leo cusp, which means you have characteristics of both Cancer and Leo. Some famous Cancer/Leos are Jennifer Lopez, Woody Harelson, Selena Gomez, and Daniel Radcliffe. If you fall in this delicate space between these very different signs, you’re in good company! Cancer Leo cusps are known for their generosity and protective attitude towards their friends. This cusp is formally known as The Cusp of Oscillation.

Even if you aren’t a Leo or a Cancer, there’s still much to gain from taking in some lovely astrological memes. I find that reading astrology memes makes me more informed about other signs that aren’t in my big three. It pays to be in the know about the 12 signs that make up the zodiac. 

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