20 Iconic Posts From The Depths of Reddit

This weekend, I saw a movie about Reddit. I know that it might be hard to believe that there’s a movie where Reddit is the main character, but that’s not even the most wild part of it. Dumb Money follows the Reddit Game Stop stock scandal, which, if you recall, became a national news story in early 2021. That’s right, we literally have historical movies about things that happened less than three years ago. Hollywood moves quickly. 

The side of the Reddit site that’s shown in the movie is emblematic of what most people think when they hear «Reddit.» It’s a bunch of edgy dudes who are obsessed with beating memes to the ground. While that’s a part of it, Dumb Money shows that lots of different people use Reddit, and it’s not such a bad place after all. If you like a more wholesome side of the forum, these legendary Reddit posts might leave you giggling.  

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