20+ Juiced Up Workout Memes for Gym Rats With a Year-Round Summer Bod

With summer around the corner, a lot of folks are starting to think about blowing the dust off of their gym membership and heading back to the health food store to replace the delicious, fatty foods in the fridge with boiled chicken, simple grains, and salad. But there’s another breed of human out there, the terrifying kind, that never lapsed this winter, managing to keep their crushing curves, glorious gains, and hot bods all year long: Gym rats.

Force feeding themselves a delicate balance of pre-workout creatine and motivation, they’re the ones eating nothing but the finest boiled chicken-and-rice meals that have been meal prepped all month. They’re the ones with the drive to wake up at 5am to go stare at themselves in the mirror doing curls, squats, and bench presses that will leave everyone else jealous of their hard work (and extra hard pecs). So do your best to catch up to these fierce competitors. It’s that time of year when regular folks try to get back in shape, while validating the existence of every muscular gym rat. 

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