20 Oldest Child Tweets for the Siblings Who Grew Up As Commander in Chief at Home

There is a long-standing argument between the oldest and youngest child — who had it better? The youngest child spits out their sob story about having to wear your hand-me-downs, feeling like you got to do everything interesting first, and swearing that you got all the attention. But I beg to differ! We, as the oldest siblings, had to indeed go through everything first — the reason YOU dear youngster were allowed out after 11 pm on a school night, was only because WE did all the prior footwork. 

As for the attention part, we all know who we sent to mom when we wanted something because it was basically a guaranteed ‘yes’ every time you asked for something. Sure you wore our hand-me-downs but… okay, no good argument for that one. Yeah we totally picked on you, but we also had your back when that kid from your class thought they could mess with you. Remember the time we put bubble gum in their hair? See, we love ya.

Scroll down for the funniest tweets that define the ‘Oldest Child’s’ life. You can also check out these relatable therapy tweets.

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