20+ Times ‘Smart Devices’ Were Laughably Dumb

They say capitalism breeds innovation, but the need to spend extra time answering your smart dishwasher’s product survey in order for the thing to function hardly feels «innovative.» They say artificial intelligence is going to replace humans, but a pathetic little robot that needs a human to help it out of the snow doesn’t seem very intimidating. And don’t get me started on subscription-based features. Other than blatantly holding your car hostage, what’s the point of a bluetooth-enabled key fob that requires monthly payments? Do internet-connected devices really enrich our lives and make us more efficient at completing daily tasks, or do they mostly just provide new ways for companies to rip us off?

If you’re as mad as us about the boring dystopia that techno-capitalism has bred, we’ve collected a bunch of posts from one of our favorite accounts, @internetofshit, who painstakingly documents all the best examples of IoT at its dumbest. Maybe everything object in existence doesn’t need to be connected to the internet.

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