20 Tweets for Two Married Peas In A Pod

Marriage isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and that exhilarating feeling of infatuation tends to fade over time, getting replaced by a deeper sense of commitment to both love and… well, annoyance. Yep, your partner is hella annoying and knows how to irk you, pushing your buttons like only a sibling knows how. Sometimes marriage feels more like you’re battling a thunderstorm with a ridiculous amount of hail, but you make it work, because you’re legally bound by law. Just kidding, because you love each other.

Still, you gotta put up with the other person’s habits, such as leaving the toilet seat up, hogging the TV remote, or finishing that episode of ‘Last of Us’ without you (first of all how DARE they?). You’ve also got each other’s backs, through thick and thin, and won the perfect cuddle buddy for life. These tweets truly portray what it feels like to be two peas in a pod, so scroll down and check ‘em out. For more, here are some relatable therapy memes for the wild crowd.

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