21 Funny & Embarassed Reactions To Spotify Wrapped 2020

Judging by our timelines, it’s definitely that time of the year again. You know, the time when Spotify bestows its users with the year’s oft-embarassing listening statistics. And for some reason pretty much everyone feels the need to share these streaming habits with their Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook followers. We’re kind of of the mind that, um, newsflash, your friends probably don’t care about your top song of the year. But it’s 2020 and we’ll let people have their fun. 

People are definitely having fun with this year’s «Wrapped» on Twitter. The site is absolutely brimming with funny reaction memes and self-deprecatingmusic-related humor. Though a lot of the jokes are self-owns regarding, say, listening to songs from Glee over and over again, there are some memes that employ a bit more wit – or make playful fun of Apple Music users. Both of which we’re definitely here for. 

We’ve put together our favorite reactions in this here gallery, but you can find more on Twitter. If you’re curious about your own Spotify Wrapped, just follow this link. And make sure you’re in a safe and judgement-free zone. These things are sensitive. 

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