25+ Wizard Memes For Mystical Mages Brewing Potions And Casting Spells

I am obsessed with the fashion sense of an old wizard man. People always roast Dumbledore for moving from three-piece suits in the Fantastic Beasts movies to wearing medieval-style robes when he met Tom Riddle a few years later. But I respect this man for ditching muggle beauty standards in his younger years so he could easily age into this liberating wizard look. 

If I could wear a velvet robe everywhere, I totally would. Unfortunately, I live in a temperate climate with four seasons, and I don’t want to sweat so much that my crystal ball slips out of my fingers and shatters into a million pieces. I love wizard hats, too: it’s like being a Catholic higher-up with all of the perks (big hats) and none of the downsides (do I even need to say it). Wizards are such visually interesting figures, making them the perfect subjects for some hilarious wizard memes

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