26 Memes & Tweets That Sum Up Thanksgiving 2020

Covid-19 has probably changed the lives of most people in the United States at this point. With cases going up every day, the CDC – and most government officials – have been urging citizens to opt out of large familyThanksgivings and stick to celebrating with the people we already live with. While it’s pretty clear that having a big family get-together, some people have been very vocal about how they’re not about to let fear win. And according to airline records, millions of Americans have decided to travel against the CDC’s advice. There are, however, many meme makers and Twitter users who are actually celebrating the opportunity to skip the often obligatory holiday for once. The ability to mute ones more annoying relatives on Zoommakes it all sound worthwhile. To celebrate this century’s bleakest Thanksgiving, we’ve put together this gallery of memes and tweets that truly, well, say it all. And while we’re enjoying laughing about the madness, we truly do wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Stay healthy, y’all. 

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