30+ Bedazzled WWE Memes for Glamorous Wrestlemania Fans Who Can’t Resist a Dash of Dramatic Violence

The WWE has always caught a bit of flack compared to other pro sports because of a number of reasons. Largely, the most egregious of their offenses (according to American alpha males who watch MMA, football, and sports fishing) is that the fights aren’t actually ‘real’. Are you telling us that you expected battle reality while watching a man come flying into the arena on a zip line wearing nothing but a bedazzled speedo, a fringed chest-less jacket, and a pair of matching socks isn’t a realistic portrayal of a fight? Well, you are sorely mistaken. Professional wrestling is a world that doesn’t give a shiz about reality, creating their own spectacles and narratives, usually with nearly Biblical proportions. If you think that soap operas are dramatic, just imagine if the main character’s neighbor who’s dating their twin could absolutely SUPLEX their cheating boyfriend instead of having an on-camera dispute. Now, that’s just good, pure American entertainment.

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