30 Disturbingly Relatable Memes For Students Struggling to Survive The First Week of School

The first week of school is a whirlwind of syllabuses, struggling to remember names, and regretting all of your class choices. Summer frivolity is all but thrown out the window as you drag yourself to class wearing nothing but an old t-shirt with ramen broth stains and the cleanest pair of PJ’s you could find on the floor. 


Sure, there are the nerds and teacher’s pets that revel in the return to their academic sanctuaries, but for most people, the first week of school is simply a woeful return to idle chit chat, courses you don’t understand, and daily reminders of the fragility of your mental stamina. 


So if you are already wiping your tears with the pages of your textbooks, take a study break and look at some disturbingly relatable memes that tell the tales of the first few days of the semester just a little bit too accurately. 

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