30 Wholesome Dog Memes for Canine Enthusiasts (September 7, 2023)

I know I won’t be blowing anyone’s mind by saying this, but dogs are awesome. There is probably no greater bond between species than the one humans and dogs share, and I say this as a total cat person. I love my cat more than I love some of my closest friends, but I know deep down that she’ll never feel that way about me. Who knows, maybe my cat secretly worships the ground I walk on, or maybe to her I’m just a warm lap and a can opener. Dogs on the other hand? They wear their hearts on their scruffs, and their unconditional love for humans is what sets them apart from other domesticated creatures. Their unequivocal loyalty is what makes our fluffy canine comrades so special.

If you, like millions of other humans, hold a special place in your heart for all pups everywhere, then this week’s pack of wild dog memes will make you want to howl.

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