40 Memes on the Nerdy Side of the Spectrum

Happy hump day, everyone. It is Wednesday, my dudes. And guess what? We’re not feeling great about this particular day of the week, no matter how hard Camel Joe and the cigarette companies tried to make Wednesday a good thing. But when life hands you lemons, and it’s too cold for lemonade, sometimes you have to make the best of things in another less proverbial way. We need to take pleasure from wherever we can get it, and the man isn’t gonna do that job for us. Sometimes we have to stake out on our own and find the good things on our own. For us, the good things are… you guessed it. Memes. Big memes. Small memes. Poorly cropped memes and relatable memes. But our favorite memes happen to be of the niche variety, about science, history, and fandoms, and by golly, are there a lot of them out there on the Internet. And we’ve put together some of ‘em right here for your «hump day» perusal. 

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