A Collection of the Worst Cringe in 2022

While we may not have achieved everything that we wanted to this year, we have to pat ourselves on the back for one thing: we probably managed to humiliate ourselves at least once. It’s only natural that everybody is a little bit cringe occasionally, but some people are much worse offenders than others.

You would think that we’d realize by now that the internet is the absolute worst place to take a risk with a potentially cringeworthy move, but there are many out there who simply lack the self awareness to care. We saw plenty of examples of this over the past twelve months, so it’s time to look at some of the highlights.

Not all of these things are from this year, but they are so timelessly embarrassing that they’ve still managed to make us recoil with horror during it. Now that’s a dubious accolade, if ever there was one. 

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