A Dose of Pharmacist Memes That Don’t Require a Prescription

To those who are not well-acquainted with the complex world of medicine, the professional pecking order seems limited to two distinct groups: the doctors who diagnose whatever is wrong with you, and the nurses that provide the care when you’re sick. We tend to miss out all the other important people that make up the healthcare system, including those who dole out the drugs that are here to make us feel better. 

That’s right, the pharmacists of the world deserve a little love for the jobs that they do. People are both picky and impatient when it comes to their meds, and with good reason. Still, it doesn’t make it easy on those who work with them all day. This means that there are plenty of memes for those who know the frustrations that come with handling the pills and potions that take away our symptoms. Somebody out there has to do it. 

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