A Grouping of Memes Both Young and Old

It’s long been said that variety is the spice of life. If the sentiment is to believed, then the things we call memes are a spice level 5, like they refuse to serve me at the Thai restaurant. You see, if it exists, there are memes about it. We’ve covered everything from knitting memes to forklift operator memes, and those two incredibly specific subjects are teeny drops in a Texas-sized, meme-filled bucket. The memes we love are as varied as the people who make them, and if we start thinking about this on a global scale, thats pretty impressive. I’ve seen memes about everything, which, unfortunately, includes fart kink memes. Luckily for everyone looking at this little batch of jokes and self-deprecation, it’s flatulence-free. Instead, we’ve just got a big old bundle of stupid shitposts, cute cats, and some relatable tweets that can please even the most humorless of internet users. And best of all? They’re completely free. Unless you count a couple minutes of your time as a trade-off. We’re just trying to do you a favor.

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