A Mega Dose of Funny Dog Memes

There’s not much in this world that we can count on. Except for maybe dogs. These tail-wagging best friends of «man» make life brighter for everyone, including people who don’t own them. I know that when I see my friend’s dog and she runs to me for pets and kisses, something inside me changes for the better. The same is true when the rich dogs of Greenpoint bound into our office as though they’re long lost friends of the company. We treat them as such. While it may seem cliche to tout the critters’ loyalty, there’s no questioning that dogs will really stick by you. They listen. Unlike my pets, who are stubborn and sassy cats. Sometimes I just wish I could call Gorgeous and Grigio and they would come. But alas. They lack the disposition and devotion of the domesticated canine world. Instead, I’ll have to settle for all this dog content that the internet seems to have no shortage of. Woof. 

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