A Mix of Random, Nerdy and Rebellious Memes

When I was a kid I used to sit in my basement and watch the same five movies ver and over again. Pocahontas, Wild America, Independence Day, The Goonies, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy (okay, that’s three movies, but I’m counting it as one). Yes we had the internet, but as far as I was concerned, watching LOTR for the hundredth time was way more appealing than sitting around for several minutes waiting for the dial-up to do its thing so that I could continue downloading «track001artist0000_live_009281f7dk8abk.mp3» on LimeWire only to find out that it wasn’t the song I thought it was. Today, the thought of waiting even a half a second for a website to load is unthinkable. No wonder fewer people are patient enough to sit through an entire movie these days. Maybe the immediate availability of information on the internet has destroyed our ability to wait. That said, if you were able to sit through my little rant, congratulations. You may now consume the memes you came here for. 


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