‘Am I the Drama?’ : 20 Funniest Inspiring Therapy Memes of the Week for the Dramatic Crowd

Sigh… 2023 has officially arrived, and all our new year’s resolutions have more or less gone down the drain. FFS, it’s not even February yet! The one resolution that has stuck is going to therapy, and we’re making quite a few breakthroughs! That is both as terrifying as it is uplifting. Progress can be slow, and we blame Christmas for sparking up some old family drama. But hear hear, it’s a new year, and we swear it’ll be the best one yet.

If you haven’t gone to therapy yet, let these memes convince you. There’s nothing better than sitting for one full hour, complaining about your life, knowing that you aren’t a burden because you are PAYING the person across from you to be there. Is it expensive? Ahem, yes, very. Is it worth it? Most definitely. So without further ado, we invite you to scroll down for some of the best therapy memes of the week. And if you’re an actual therapist and you’re lurking here to read the minds of your clients, there are a few here for you as well.

Feel free to check out these blunt signs that do not beat around the bush.

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