‘Angry IKEA Guy’ Roasts Customers And Becomes Internet Hero

Scott Seiss is the young comedian behind the ‘Angry IKEA Guy’—a hilarious TikTok sensation that carried over to Twitter and went viral. Seiss’ comedic customer roasts are equally hilarious and relatable, especially for anyone who’s had a taste of retail hell. But the accessibility of Seiss’ humor isn’t just limited to the average retail employee—apparently, even the rich and famous can appreciate jokes by and for the modest worker. Big-name comedians such as Patton Oswald and Jim Gaffigan retweeted Seiss’ videos, and even director Peyton Reed chimed in with approval. Who knows, maybe someday the Angry IKEA Guy will be working in a writers room for Marvel. Until then, we’ll gladly watch anything Scott Seiss puts out into the world.

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