Anti-Social Memes for Anyone Who Would Definitely Not Describe Themself as ‘a People Person’

We don’t really believe anyone is exclusively ‘anti-social.’ At the end of the day the most extroverted person you’ve ever met still needs time to recharge on their own, and vice-versa, the most seemingly introverted person you’ve come across does need a little human contact to keep them going. We are social creatures after all. It all comes down to preference. Some people get a little more energy from a room filled with peers, while other people would rather have one or two worthy friends by their side. And honestly, if you’ve found yourself being friends with someone who seems super introverted, it means they chose you, so at least you have that.


So, even though we disagree that there are two strict categories of people who like people and don’t like people, these are still some pretty hilarious memes that we believe you will all relate to on some level.

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