Art Teacher Astounds The Internet With Two Handed Drawing Technique

It takes a special kind of person to be a high school art teacher. Not only are you guiding the nation’s youth into the working world, you’ve also got to nurture their creativity. Not only this, you also have to deal with all the teenage angst that comes with unlocking that. Arty kids are only marginally less annoying than theater kids, after all.

None of this necessarily relates to being able to do art itself, but believe it or not, some art teachers do in fact have some finely honed creative skills. This has recently been proved in a video by @hose_stretcher, who filmed their teacher showing off a particularly skilful drawing technique. With a pen in each hand, he draws a detailed face on the whiteboard without ever taking each pen off the board.

His artistic method has drawn an astonished response from most viewers, with some even expressing a wish for him to teach them based on the video alone. There’s no denying that it is an impressive feat, and it beats asking your teacher for anecdotes when you want to waste class time.

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