Awkward Dating App Interactions That Probably Didn’t Lead to Love

If we’re being honest, we are not living through a great time to be single. All the uncoupled people out there are not only faced with higher costs of living, but also everyone they know enquiring why they aren’t getting with someone already. The problem is, even the singletons actively trying to get into a relationship face horrors at every turn. The main culprit for this is obvious: most peoples’ dating lives revolve entirely around apps, and all the weirdos these things tend to bring out of the woodwork.

While Tinder and the like have revolutionized the ways in which we find potential partners, these dating apps can cause more headaches than successful dates. While it’s fully possible to find love over the internet, other people can make the process pretty difficult. At least the worst offenders usually have the good grace to show off their red flags early, like some of the examples below.


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