Baby Is Convinced Hasbulla Is Her Dad, Hilarity Ensues

Imprinting is a powerful biological process. It might be the kind of thing that we would usually associate with ducklings, but the phenomenon is very real with human babies, too. Give a kid enough exposure to someone (especially if there is a resemblance there) and an affinity for that person will often follow, even in the most unlikely of ways.

This has been hilariously demonstrated by @111abi.t on TikTok, after she revealed that her infant niece was obsessed with Russian internet star and meme legend Hasbulla. Claiming that the baby is «convinced» that he is her dad, what follows is a series of clips that show she seems to be telling the truth.

Viewers were mightily amused by baby Arabella’s reaction to the influencer, and many of them couldn’t help but point out that there was an uncanny likeness there, too. Who knows, perhaps it’s time to do some digging on 23andMe. 



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