Baffled Woman Tells Story Of How Her Ex Faked His Own Death To Break Up With Her

We’ve all had times when we want nothing more than to avoid someone. Perhaps they’re a distant family member who has never heard of the concept of unsolicited advice, or that friend of a friend who you managed to say something horrendously awkward to at that party the other week.

However, top of the list for the person you don’t want to come into contact with is one of your exes. The last thing anyone wants to be reminded of is their painful romantic failures, let alone have to interact with them face to face.

This feeling is awful enough when all the bad blood has been shed. If your beloved begins to ghost when everything is going swimmingly, though, it can be just plain confusing. 

Somebody who went through this unpleasant experience in the extreme was @ithinkimabby, who recently shared how her now ex-boyfriend had gone several steps further on from the douchiness of dumping by text by faking his own death to get out of the relationship.

@ithinkimabby and he never got any consequences </3 #traumadump #exbf ♬ original sound – kooze


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