Best Classical Art Memes Of The Week (December 19, 2022)

Ah, to mix modern humor with some good old classical art… absolutely genius. If our ancestors were to see us today, to say they would be disgusted is probably the understatement of the century. They would be appalled, and we can imagine that if it were up to them, we might not still have our heads attached to our bodies (if ya know what I’m sayin’). Luckily for us, it’s 2022 (Nearly 2023 y’all!) and this kind of humor defines this generation. Who was this genius who decided to put art and memes together? We do not know… but we’re impressed.


As for memes, it is not news that it has created a revolution. It is a dynasty, an empire. And classical memes are just the rainbow-colored frosting on the cake. Of course, what makes these memes so special is the stoic expressions that the characters in the art display upon their sullen faces. If you’re an art student (Just… why?) then you’ll appreciate these memes, and if you’re a general memes lover, you’ll love them all the same, even without recognizing the author of the famous artwork. To conclude, we invite you to procrastinate and feast your eyes upon these hilarious memes we’ve found and compiled just for you.


If these aren’t enough (We get it), then feel free to click here for last week’s memes.

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