Beyoncé’s Album Leak Sparks Hilarious Tweets From The Bey Hive

To stream or not stream, that is the question. New albums by famous artists leaking before their official release date are nothing new. The advent of social media has allowed even the least computer savvy among us to pirate music with nothing more than a cursory search. That’s why it’s not the least bit surprising that Beyoncé’s upcoming album Renaissance was leaked on Twitter this week. While some fanbases stream their faves leaked music without any feelings of remorse (I’m looking at you, Charli XCX stans), the Bey Hive is different. They have such a level of respect for Beyoncé that streaming her leaked music sparks some controversy within the fandom. Is it worth streaming Renaissance two days early at the cost of your dignity? Is taking a sneak peek after a 6-year drought of music worth compromising your integrity? Members of the Bey Hive shared their funny and informative takes on the situation. 

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