British People Experience Revelation Trying Popeyes For The First Time

The U.S. and the U.K. have had their fair share of rivalries over the years, Despite (kind of) speaking the same language and having an influence on one another, there’s a culture divide that’s almost as wide as the ocean that separates them.

These days, one of the most obvious ways in which this can be seen is food. Brits and Americans love nothing more than an argument about whose national cuisine is better, or failing that, worse. At the same time, that doesn’t mean that each country can’t show some appreciation for the food that the other produces every so often.

This has recently been illustrated by @thosetwobrits, who have gained attention for sharing their experience of trying Popeyes for the first time. Bewildered by the sheer amount of spice in everything and enamored with the classic biscuit, American viewers weren’t short on jokes and advice relating to their reaction in the comment section. It may be a stereotype that nowhere does deep fried better than the USA, but perhaps it’s one that’s worth embracing from time to time.


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