Sixteen Nursing Memes For The Underappreciated Healthcare Worker

Let’s give three cheers to all the nurses who work tirelessly to deal with obnoxious, entitled patients, administer vaccines, and work stupidly long hours just to make sure that we’re all healthy. We appreciate your grit and think you deserve some memes to look at while you enjoy a much-needed break.

Frustrating Memes For Those Who Suffer From A Chronic Illness

Those who deal with chronic illnesses are no doubt used to getting asinine comments from ignorant people about how you should just «exercise away the pain,» or «try cutting dairy out of your diet.»  Quite frankly, it can get exhausting trying to explain things to stupid people – that’s why we decided to throw together …
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Healthcare Memes For The Hardworking Care Givers

Whether you’re a doctor, nurse or dietitian, we know that these memes will relate to you and your stress-filled career. Just remember to take a little break from your busy day every once in a while – and what better way to do that than with memes?

Relatable Memes For Those Who’ve Worked In A Psychiatric Ward

Working in a mental hospital is no joke, and we have to hand it to anyone who works tirelessly to help out patients with severe mental illnesses. So without further ado, we hope all you doctors, nurses, and everyone in between can take a much-deserved break and scroll through some relatable memes!