Columnist Gets Demolished By Twitter For Op-ed About Millennials

The oldest millennials are about to be 40 and the media is still somehow telling the entire generation to ‘grow the eff up’—a tall order in the midst of constant ecological, financial and health crises. Not to mention war, unemployment, non-existent job security, housing market collapse, student debt, and on and on and on. Yesterday, journalist Jennifer Rosner got dragged by Twitter after the Chicago Tribune plugged her op-ed piece about millennials. When you read the article itself however, it becomes clear that the Chicago Tribune’s tweet was a bit misleading. The post that riled up thousands of millennials read, ‘writer Jennifer Rosner predicts COVID-19 lockdowns will force easy-breezy millennials to grow up.’ In the actual op-ed, Rosner covers her ass by framing the various criticisms of millennials as her boomer dad’s opinions. She simply suggests that the pandemic may have something to do with her fellow millennials suddenly embracing a more suburban sort of life that her father’s generation might approve of. In any case, the Tribune’s tweet was more than enough to hit a nerve. We’ve collected some of the spiciest roasts from before the controversial tweet got deleted. 

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