Company Drags Mid-Level Applicant Through Arduous Seven-Part Interview Process

Very few jobs require an interview process that goes on for months on end. Take the President of the United States, for example. In this scenario, the American people are the recruiters, and the Presidential candidates are the applicants. It can take years for somebody to get that job, which involves months of grueling debates, campaigning, and giving speeches in Pennsylvania! Yuck! I don’t think that career fits most of our dispositions, and thank god for that. 

If you’re just an average rube off the street, you probably didn’t have to interview for your current job for multiple months. Most recruiters move faster than that. However, some people in HR suffer from «unicorn hunting,» which is when they keep a position open for very long in their fruitless attempt to find the perfect candidate. Rarely do these recruiters ever find somebody who meets their high standards, and that’s precisely what happened to a job seeker who was asked to come in for a 6th interview for a consulting position. 

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