Crafty Gifters Plot the Best Christmas Presents to Give to Enemies

In an ideal world, our enemies stay a world away from our own environment. They’re the ex we have blocked forever, or that guy who pushed in front of us once in the line for Starbucks who we’ll never see again. However, the reality is that many of the people we don’t like we also have to deal with in day to day life. Worse still, we even sometimes have to claim to feel affection for them (hello, very worst extended family member). 

It’s yet another reason that the festive season can be a difficult time, especially when it comes to giving gifts. It can be a pain handing over a present to somebody that you don’t think deserves it. If you’re the spiteful type, though, there’s a way to make this into a form of revenge. This has been proved by a Twitter thread sharing some of the worst gift ideas to give to an enemy. There are some good ones here.

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