Cringeposts and Memes From and About Messed-Up Neckbeards

Ah, «neckbeards.» What’s in a name? While the term, at its most literal, refers to dudes whose facial hair seems to gravitate toward the neck and chin, the meaning has shifted over the years. Nowadays, «neckbeard» refers to unsavory dudes you might come across on the internet who are really into stuff like gaming, anime, and comic books. Those interests are all well and good (we love a good comic book or game sesh), but, unfortunately, a lot of neckbeards are also huge misogynists. They tend to have a lot of pent-up anger towards women who don’t fit into their idea of what a «real» woman should be like. They seem to think all women should be doting and submissive. They’re not great at making friends or having relationships, which only makes their resentment and hostility toward women worse. They often end up acting out online by trolling and harassing women.

One thing that neckbeards are famous for is «posting cringe.» It’s like they’re trying to get attention and validation, but it just ends up making them look even worse. While it can be kinda funny to see neckbeards making fools of themselves on the internet, it’s important to remember that their behavior can have real-life consequences. It’s not just harmless entertainment – the way they treat women can be really harmful and hurtful. That said, it’s good to be aware of this type of guy and their crappy actions. Maybe if we highlight how embarrassing they are, someday, the cringe and misogyny will stop.

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