Cringey Attention-Seekers Who Were Desperate For Clout

Attention-seekers are everywhere. The trait starts at a young age, as some children learn that they can get what they want when they cause a scene. Back in high school and college girls would make out as an attempt to secure the male gaze, and boys would take any opportunity to flex or show their friends they can drink them under the table. All of this is perfectly tame when compared to the lengths people go to achieve «clout» on social media. We’ve all witnessed this brand of idiot. Some of them waste food to be funny. Or maybe they prefer to pull «pranks» that are actually just hurtful or mean. There are virtue signallers who want an applause for simply being a decent person, and then there are the straight up liars. 

With so many social apps, these people are absolutely everywhere. And while they may be insufferable, one of our favorite hobbies is to make fun of them. Which is probably not the kind of attention they were seeking. These internet exhibitionists represent a fraction of these incorrigible performers, but if you simply log on to TikTok, we’re sure you’ll find more people to roll your eyes at. 

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