Crypto Bro Gets Roasted For Ending Up Working In McDonald’s

Anyone who has a vague idea of what Dogecoin is knows that the cryptocurrency market is having a terrible time of it at the moment. Stocks are plummeting in all different kinds of currencies, and former millionaires have been reduced to borderline poverty within a matter of days. Even someone with next to no knowledge about how these things work can figure out that it is a Bad Thing, and it has had some of those who are both literally and spiritually invested in the community posting about how they are trying to cope with their newfound circumstances.

Case in point is @greybtc, who faced widespread ridicule after sharing on Twitter that he was currently working his first day at McDonalds after suffering massive losses with his investments. Those who believed in crypto being akin to a pyramid scheme were all too keen to point out that they felt this was a more worthy career path. Of course, there is nothing wrong with working at a fast food restaurant. However, it’s almost certainly not where most crypto investors expected to end up this far down the line. 

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