Cursed Amazon Product Reviews for Five Star Prime Members and Avid Online Shoppers

If you’re a human being who’s lived on this planet, you know what Amazon is. To take it a step farther, if you’re an American, you probably have Amazon Prime. Oh the joys of Amazon Prime. You can just talk to the listening robot that lives in your house, Alexa, and have things delivered to your door by the end of the day. Amazon has transcended convenience and has literally become an additional sentience that lives in your home on a daily basis. But it’s also a double-edged sword. In a world where you can buy anything online (and I mean ANYTHING), Amazon is no exception so there are some weird things out there. The only way to determine their true authenticity is to do investigations in the review section, where actual people have purchased these actual products. The reviews section is a dark and dim place and sometimes reveals the truly cursed nature of having access to everything and anything all of the time. 

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