Disappointed Tourists Share The Most Overrated Places To Visit

What with most of us having limited spare time and money to spend gallivanting around the world, where we choose to take our vacations is a more important choice than first meets the eye. Whether you’re just going on a simple day trip or you’re splashing thousands of dollars on the break of a lifetime, you want to make sure that the visit is worth your while. Facing the let down of an overly-hyped attraction or a dream destination that turns out to be anything but is a real mood-dampener, and most of us would rather avoid it by any means possible.

This is why a helpful and amusing AskReddit has compiled a list that gives a whistle stop tour of all the areas that people shouldn’t be touring if they can help it. While what makes somewhere a good place to visit might be subjective, there are definitely a fair few overrated spots out there. Sometimes, a staycation is preferable to the ‘unique’ experience of anything in this thread. 

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