Dog With Diarrhea Wreaks Havoc on Plane, Inspires Debate On Letting Animals into the Main Cabin

Taking an animal on a plane isn’t easy. I know countless people who have opted instead to drive very long distances with their pet to avoid a) their pet’s discomfort and possible death, and b) that hefty airline fee. Animals are cargo that is too precious for many people to take any risks with. The friends that do take their pets have had to pay exorbitant vet fees, had to drug their cats and dogs with Gabapentin, and sit in their seats hoping the critter doesn’t make too much noise or use the bathroom out of fear or urgency. 

Most of the time, the animals I’ve encountered on planes are better behaved than the screaming babies. But every now and then, we suppose, things can go a bit…haywire. At least that’s what we have gathered from this Twitter story from @micsolana. Apparently their boyfriend was on a flight to Miami when a bulldog next to him got diarrhea. The story, sadly, doesn’t end there. 

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