Douchebag Boss Gets Slammed for Firing Employee After Maternity Leave

In the big old grown up year of 2022, it would be nice to think that we’ve grown out of the phenomenon of sexism in the workplace. Anyone who isn’t a cave man is capable of establishing that women and men can do many of the same jobs as well as each other, and that people deserve respect at work irrespective of their gender.

Unfortunately, this progressive attitude doesn’t always extend as far as we would like to think it does. There are plenty of jerks out there in the workforce who think that they can get away with some outrageous things if they simply justify it hard enough. Case in point is one enraging post on r/AmItheA*shole, in which a boss lamented the fact that he had fired a woman who had just come back from maternity leave. 

Redditors weren’t just quick to trash the move, they also pointed out that it was probably a lawsuit waiting to happen. It only seems fair, if somebody thinks that they have a right to treat an employee like that.

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