Dramatic Tweet About Cheese Shelf Collapse Inspires Gleeful Pun-Fest

Recent events in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania have been causing quite a stir on Twitter today. And it’s not because of the «brotherly» (read: violent) love that’s so prevalent in the city. According to a correspondent from the Philadelphia Plain Dealer blog, there was a tragic accident at the Acme supermarket on Oregon Avenue yesterday. 

The blog’s twitter account broke the dramatic news and accompanied it with photographic proof of the absolute destruction. The hyperbolic nature of the tweet seemed to resonate with Twitter users. It’s not hard to understand why. People love cheese. It’s a fact. Cheese is literally addictive. And if there’s anything that people love more than that delicious dairy product, it’s making puns about cheese. The response to the breaking news story provides undeniable proof of this fact  It seems like every Twitter user and their mom rushed to serve up groanworthy (or good, depending on who you’re asking) puns namedropping everything from feta to havarti. 

The response was pretty unexpected to thePhilly Plain Dealer Blog  – but it has definitely been appreciated. The tweet, which has already racked up 28 thousand favorites, has brought some much-appreciated exposure to the passion project launched by Jason N. Peters. 

As people who root for the underdogs (especially in publishing), any sort of funny food news, and wordplay, we’re happy to present you with the best (or worst) puns and jokes the tweet inspired. 

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