Dry January Memes for All Virtuous Drinkers

Almost anyone who enjoys the pleasures of alcohol has also experienced the many bad sides to it. Most of us have woken up after a heavy night and claimed that we never want to drink again, only to find ourselves ordering our beverage of choice the very next weekend.

It’s hard to swear off the booze for a longer period of time when you’re used to the habit, to say the least. It’s why the Dry January phenomenon has become such a big trend in recent years, with more and more people turning their back on the excesses of Christmas and New Year to start things off on a sober note.

The world of not drinking can have its struggles in an alcohol-obsessed society, even when you’re doing it temporarily. It means that a few memes can play an important motivational role (or remind you what you’re missing). Who knows, you might end up deciding to pursue the whole sobriety thing permanently.

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